Ready to get fighting fit?

Based in a nightclub setting, Club Kombat combines Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts to create a high intensity, unique fitness workout. Each cardio interval – packed full of Kombat moves, is followed by a strength training exercise to tone and strengthen the entire body.

The whole club is utilised with groups at different stations around the space, our instructors move through each group to support and coach each exercise safely and efficiently. Whistles are used over the music to alert everyone about the change, visual cues are used to allow everyone to be able to look and follow the movements. No one needs to learn or remember choreography, just look and copy- it’s NOT a dance class.

Options for a lower impact workout will be given throughout and participants work in groups to give people the chance to make friends. There is no time to clock watch and you’re guaranteed to be left wanting more! With regular DJ appearances, Club Kombat is the night out without the hangover!

Classes - £5

Weds 6.00pm - 6.50pm

Bring the kids

If you are a parent who struggles with childcare, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! With a childminding service for your children to play safely or join in from the sideline, it’s inclusive for everyone!

“I love nothing more than motivating people and getting them excited about working out and becoming healthier physically and mentally. I believe in 'fitness in numbers', I feel its more fun when you work out together, music is my passion so everything I do, I do it with Loud tunes!”

“I'm passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves but understand that it comes from the mind and it’s not just as easy as giving someone a meal plan and some exercises to do. I'm all about positive energy and find that people are drawn to me for help and this is where my strengths lie.”

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